BORN 2007

Donacarney White

Sponsor: A1 Claims Assessors
Name Donacarney White
League Drogheda School Children’s League
Coach(es) John Collier | Brian Flood
Contact 087 121 7774
Training Wednesday 7.30pm-9pm @ Drogheda Grammar School

Donacarney Navy

Name Donacarney Navy
League Drogheda School Children’s League
Coach(es) Stephanie Phillips | Shane Black
Contact 086 827 5295
Training Tuesday 7pm-8pm @ Drogheda Grammar School

Donacarney Green

Donacarney Celtic Football Club
Name Donacarney Green
League Drogheda School Children’s League
Coach(es) Urban Renstrom | Dolores Donegan
Contact 087 799 3356
Training Monday 7pm-8pm @ Drogheda Grammar School

Match & Training Guidelines:

Scheduled Matches

  • Scheduled Games will be played on Weekends (Sundays) at both home and away. You need to arrive half an hour before kick off for warm up session.
  • Confirmation of the time and venue will be sent (via WhatsApp or Teamer) during the week and coaches will require a speedy reply on your availability so they can plan the team and ensure sufficient numbers.

Training Venue

  • Training takes place midweek during season at the Grammar School on the Mornington Road.


  • Arrive on time at your designated training time as advised by your teams coach.
  • We will be asked to leave the training pitch promptly at the end of training so the next team can start there session.

Training Attire

  • Players to arrive to training kitted out and ready to train before our start time.
  • It is important to dress appropriately when training or playing in cold weather.
  • Shin guards must be worn by all players without exception.

Hydrate & Reuse your bottle

  • We advise your child to drink fluids, before, during and after practices and games, even in the cold weather, to avoid dehydration.
  • Your child should have his or her own personalized water bottle. Help our club Go Green – Avoid single use plastic bottles and always take home your bottle after training and matches.

Parental Supervision

  • Due to the age of our younger players we will require that a parent or designated guardian stay onsite for the hour long training session and the games.