Club Committee

The Club Committee provides the leadership, governance and direction to Donacarney Celtic to achieve short and long term goals of the club.

The Club Committee are responsible for managing and supervising the club finances on behalf of the club members. The Club Committee meet regularly to discuss club fundraising, sport development and club management.

  • Conduct long-term planning of activities so that the aims and objectives of the Club are met.
  • Develop policy and procedures
  • Manage external relations
  • Obtain resources and ensure that all financial and legal matters are properly managed
  • Regularly communicate with and provide information to members about the running of the Club
  • Review the performance of employees, volunteers, subcommittees and the committee itself
  • Provide detailed written records and job descriptions to a newly elected committee to help them with their roles

Feel free to email any of the committee members or sub-committee below with any enquiries, questions or thoughts for the betterment of our Club.

Committee Members