Last Man Standing Competition 2014/2015

Last Man Standing, Premiership Season 2014/2015

  • Next Round Kick’s Off 20th September
  • Entry Fee €5

  • Each week you select a Premiership team to win.
  • If your chosen team win you are through to next week’s round but if your chosen team loose or draw you are out of the competition.
  • You can only select a team once in the competition.
  • Your team selection must be submitted prior to 12 noon on Friday of each week (details below)

  • If you do not submit a team you will automatically get the lowest team of the table (Which you have not yet picked)
  • All weekly updates can be found on this website
  • If all remaining people are knocked out at same week end 75% of jackpot money will go to the Pitch fund and 25%of money will carry forward to new fresh round increasing the jackpot.
  • Open to all over 13 years of age
  • Please remember it’s only a bit of fun , nothing too serious.

Please pass your entry fee to a committee member or team coach. All texts / email must be submitted to 087 8295683 or

We are now closed to new entries for cycle 2 . We have 20 entries ,

winning player will get €50.00 and €50.00 going to the Club.


To see latest standings on Week 4 click  Here .

Last 3 Players are out so NO MAN STANDING!!

we restart a fresh cycle with a €25 kicker in the pot from last cycle.

so contact us about next cycle!

first round is for fixtures on 8th November.